Secrets Behind Slyder’s Sinfully Juicy Burgers

Here’s a fact: you haven’t truly eaten in Dayton until you’ve had a burger from Slyder’s Tavern.  The 65-year-old business at 836 Watervliet Ave. in Dayton’s Belmont neighborhood consistently appears on — often topping — local best burgers list. Heck, we’d put it up against the state’s top burgers, too.  As Joe Garnito, the tavern’s fifth owner, explains better than […]

Leadbelly Boys’ Top Cheeseburgers

Some folks come to Slyder’s in the Belmont neighborhood for the old-fashioned, smoky neighborhood-bar charm. Some come for the very good chili. Others know there’s a pool table in the back room. We will be going back for the cheeseburgers; they’re first-rate. It says `Belmont’s Best Burgers’ on the menu, and that doesn’t go far […]

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