Leadbelly Boys' Top Cheeseburgers

Leadbelly Boys: Ron Rollins, Ray Marcano and Jim Dillon

Some folks come to Slyder’s in the Belmont neighborhood for the old-fashioned, smoky neighborhood-bar charm. Some come for the very good chili. Others know there’s a pool table in the back room. We will be going back for the cheeseburgers; they’re first-rate. It says `Belmont’s Best Burgers’ on the menu, and that doesn’t go far enough. The dimly lit, wood-paneled interior and laid-back atmosphere in no way ready you for the burger that arrives at the table – a 10-ounce monster that’s fully an inch thick, cooked to juicy perfection. Cheeseburgers run $4.95 for the 7-ounce, $5.75 for the 10-ounce. We got out $23 for three, looking forward to a return trip.

Leadbelly note: They definitely know what they’re doing. Great chili, too, if you have room.

Burger rating: 4.85 out of 5.

Ron: My Swiss-cheese-and-mushrooms burger went great with a bit of mustard, and it was all I could to to get a grip on the thing. Pink in the middle, cooked better than I could’ve done myself. Man, oh, man. The fries aren’t bad, either – but anything would pale beside the burger.

Jim: I ordered the Chili Size – a thin, open-faced hamburger topped with Slyder’s chili, grated cheese and onions, and served with fries and a pickle, all on one big platter. It was a marvelous combination that filled me up, but didn’t leave me feeling bloated. A true winner. Loved the old-time atmosphere, too.

Ray: Burgers looked so good we decided, in a true moment of bonding, to share! We ate with the ferocity of Romans about to do battle, and like Augustus, conquered what was before us. And it was good. The best ‘thick’ burger I tasted.

Cheers, the Leadbelly Boys.

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